Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Note For All Beginings.

Yes I'm a sucker for punishment. This site is now reserved for the stories of Wish Book, a story that I started in 2007 for the NaNoWriMo competition, however, it fell rapidly short of the word count and utterly failed me. However it is a strong story and I would like to give it fresh breath and hopefully not foul it up like so many other stories that I have rewrote. Twin Earth is still going to be the top and foremost of everything so I'm not expecting great lengths of writing to be given to this project. Sorry but there is only room for a few stories on my docket and this isn't one of them.

Like the Twin Earth blog I will be writing this in the order that I write it, meaning that the newest chapter will appear first and the oldest one will be last. This will screw some people up but at least this time I made note of it and made sure that there is at least some effort to make sure that the past mistakes are left in the past.

I will be presenting the first chapter in a few weeks time and I hope you all be enjoying it.